Possibly one of the most frustrating and uncomfortable factors of winter is dry and flaky skin. There are several reasons why your skin gets drier during winter including the drier atmosphere, being around heaters (which dry out the air) and taking extra hot showers – which can rapidly extract the skin’s moisture. Fortunately, the Colorescience range of makeup is specifically designed to not only cover and protect the skin against UV damage, but also condition and address various skin types and tones.

The range has considered everyone’s skin needs and concerns offering products that can effectively cover and address various skin types from younger, sensitive skin to the more mature or ageing skin. New moms have seen particular benefits of using Colorescience make-up, as it not only provides good coverage of pigment and uneven skin tone, but it also protects the skin against further damage caused by UV rays.

With Colorescience the options are endless, the range includes everything from hydrating foundations and pressed makeup to hydrating mists.

Using a hydrating foundation is a key element  for treating winter skin. Colorescience foundations are available in two different finishes – liquid or pressed – as well as various tones from porcelain to deep skin tones .The foundations provide superb coverage whilst also conditioning the skin through infused vitamins and antioxidants, as well as broad spectrum SPF 20 and 30 sun protection.

If your skin is combination to oily and dehydrated in winter, the Colorescience Natural Finish Pressed Foundation SPF 20 is a great option, as the pressed mineral powder includes nourishing, hydrating ingredients to create a creamy texture and feel.  These foundations are extremely effective in hiding the usual winter imperfections and pigmentation. Colorescience goes even further if you need a little more coverage, with its mineral skin perfectors which are ideal for evening out skin tone and come in Brightening, Bronzing, Calming or Mattifying options.

Another winter add on is the Colorescience Hydrating Setting Mist which you can apply  as the last step in your makeup application. Use this mist to refresh your skin every few hours.  Simply spritz on your face to replenish skin and enhance the vibrancy and luminosity of your makeup and other products.

Winter never needs to be the season in which we settle for a dull, dehydrated complexion. Thanks to Colorescience and nutrient-rich ingredients in all of its products, we can rely on superb winter coverage and conditioning for our skin.

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