zo-skin health

Dr Yashica - Aesthetics Medicine

"Using ZO skin health has brought a newfound appreciation in the teachings of skin and my own skin care. Understanding the workings on a cellular level make daily skin care routine more purposeful and exciting. I have found a wonderful natural humectant glow of youth using ZO Skin Heath. I recommend it to all my patients and it is my personal go-to skincare range."

Ashley, Cape Town

"ZO® has completely changed the tone and texture of my skin, so much so that I no longer where any foundation at all during the day, only my Daily Power Defense and SPF. I refuse to go a day without Oil Control Pads and Daily Power Defense, but my biggest lifesaver has been Blemish Control, which has single-handedly cleared up severe hormonal acne on my chin and neck. I would recommend ZO Skin Health to anyone who wants incredible, youthful skin."

Clarissa, Johannesburg

"The Rolls-Royce of all the products - The Exfoliating Polish. It is exceptional. Feels like little fairies walking on your skin."

Dr Sonia, Tzaneen

"Without a doubt, my favourite product is Daily Power Defense."


"I love ZO® Skin Health, the products are easy to use and have helped me see a big change in texture and general skin health. My favourite products include the TE Pads and Exfoliating Polish, and love the glow I get from Daily Power Defense! Treat your skin from the inside to make it fabulous on the outside!"

Janel, Stay at Home Mom, Durban

"I have had the pleasure of trying out the ZO Hydrating Cleanser. It made my skin feel amazingly soft, smooth and hydrated. This cleanser really brought life back to my skin and I would highly recommend it."

Michelle, Cape Town

"Love, love, love ZO® Skin Health. The name says it all creating healthy skin. Everyone has their favourite product, whereas mine is definitely the ZO Exfoliating Polish. This scrub changed my skin complexion completely, leaving my skin clean, refreshed, smooth, soft and more even toned. I love the fact that I am not just scrubbing my face, but I am also providing my skin with antioxidants as well as Vitamin A, C & E."


Executive Director, Johannesburg

"Although I was very sceptical at first, within a few short weeks people around me started to notice that hair was filling in areas that were previously thinning. My hair has grown in thicker and healthier. It's simple to use; it doesn't take a lot of time and effort, no fuss or hassle, non-oily, even use it after gym, hair looks 100% normal after an application, This was important. The results are incredible; I am converted and I'm now recommending it to business partners, friends and family."

Nadia, Johannesburg

"I have used Thysmuskin® for 3 months now and I have never experienced new hair growth before as I do now. I have been a sufferer of strong hair loss for a number of years now an since the moment I have started with my Med Shampoo and Serum my hair loss has decreased tremendously. I am not only astonished by the hair that is not falling out anymore, but my hair is also healthy, strong and looks better than ever. I use to use extensions and it's not necessary anymore due to the fact that it is looking thicker. Thymuskin® is the best medical hair product that I have come across and I will continue using it for even better results."

Ultia, Durban

"I have been using Thymuskin® Med for the past 2 months. Besides my hair looking fuller it has also helped with the following:
My scalp is no longer dry or itchy. I no longer have dandruff issues.
My hair seems to be growing at a much faster rate than usual.
The strands are not as fragile as before. I have always had dry split ends. Since I started using Thymuskin® the split ends have been drastically reduced and the only change that I have made is changing to Thymuskin®. I will definitely continue using this awesome product.


Dr Yashica - Aesthetics Medicine

"In a time where make up is the all the hype, I am confident using the Colorscience range of mineral makeup; knowing it is not only enhancing me on the outside but also within. The range is so diverse, my favourite product is the brush on SPF. It is innovative, easy to use and provides adequate sun protection."

Karlien, Cape Town

"We love Colorescience® Mineral Powder SPF30, as Benji has no more crying fits because Mommy got sunscreen in his eyes. Will def recommend it to all Mommies out there!"

Gina, Health & Beauty Clinic Owner, Port Elizabeth

"I have been using Colorescience® for the past 2 and a half years and love it. It is, to date, the best mineral foundation I have ever used. It stays on all day, my skin looks flawless and I daily get compliments. At the moment - probably because it’s new, my favourite product is the new total 3in1eye renewal; I love it!"

Michelle, Aesthetic Clinic Owner, Cape Town

"I suffer from adult acne and working in the medical aesthetic industry it is sometimes hard to face client's when you specialize in skin care. I always had to paste my face with foundation and I know how bad it is for my skin, as I am only making the acne worse by blocking my skin and pores with all the oils that are in the foundation. Since I started using Colorescience® Mineral Corrector Palette my skin texture and acne started improving as it could breathe, and it feels light on my skin. For the first time ever I feel confident and I do not need to hide my skin as it looks and feels amazing. I love working with the products and after using the Corrector Palette I apply my Sunforgettable Mineral Brush on sunscreen SPF 30. I love everything about this product and I will recommend it to everyone, even baby's..."

Liz, Durban

"I love the brush on sunscreen, non-greasy and quick to apply and I use it on my daughter's skin every day!"