Hair loss or thinning hair is a physical condition that has a far-reaching impact on a person’s physical and psychological state. A full head of hair is not something we appreciate enough – it’s only once the possibility of losing it becomes a reality, that we start to realise the effect it has on our appearance and self-esteem. Wigs and extensions can help to an extent, but for those that experience hair loss and thinning it’s only a plaster on a gaping wound.

Hair loss can be the result of many internal and external factors. Alopecia androgenetica is genetically passed on and can occur in both men and women, though it’s often more visible in men. As we age, the hair in specific areas will fall out and the follicle will stop producing new hair. For women, this type of hair loss usually starts at the hair parting with the front hairline intact. In men, it’s typically first noticed either at the back of the crown and/or a thinning of the front hairline.

Alopecia diffusa is an overall or sectional thinning of the hair. The causes that lead to this type of hair loss are myriad and include factors such as chronic stress, an unhealthy diet or eating disorder, certain chronic diseases, and endocrine disorders to name a few. Hair fall is prematurely and unregulated which causes the diffused hair loss appearance. Should you start to notice your hair thinning and you’re not undergoing radiation or taking specific medication, it’s vital to make an appointment with your doctor to determine the cause.

Though alopecia medicamentosa often falls under alopecia diffusa, this type of hair loss requires a bit more attention as it’s often overlooked. Alopecia medicamentosa is reversible and doctors don’t always understand the psychological effect hair loss has on a patient. Alopecia medicamentosa is the result of specific medication prescribed by a doctor including radiation or chemotherapy which attacks the hair follicle and interrupts the growing phase, ultimately causing hair to fall out.

When you’re losing it Thymuskin® can help!

Every day people spend hundreds if not thousands of products that promise to help them regrow their hair. Unfortunately, many of these claims are unfounded and not backed by research. Thymuskin® products are scientifically developed and clinically tested to improve the appearance of fine and thinning hair by delivering active ingredients to the scalp and hair follicle.

The Thymuskin® ranges are formulated with the biologically active peptide complex GKL-02 that blocks the enzymes that cause premature hair fall. This prolongs the hair growing phase, and along with vital nutrients and vitamins included in Thymuskin®, it also regenerates hair follicles and stimulates new growth in follicles that have become inactive.

The different Thymuskin® ranges can be mixed and matched according to your specific type of hair loss and hair type.

The Thymuskin® CLASSIC range is ideal for both men and women that want to address all kinds and stages of hair loss. Thymuskin® CLASSIC contains the optimal dosage of active GKL-02 complex and is Thymuskin® version which is used in the most clinical studies.

Thymuskin® MED range is specifically developed to counteract strong hair loss and to care for problematic hair and scalp. It contains a +25% higher dosage of the GKL-02 active complex and additional conditioning ingredients for sensitive hair and scalp. Both men and women can use it in areas where balding has been present for a maximum of three years.
Thymuskin® FORTE is developed for strong hair loss such as androgenetic(hereditary) hair loss and chemotherapy. This formulation contains +100% of the GKL-02 active complex and an additional high level of premium care conditioners to compensate for supply deficiencies, which are typical in case of long-term problems.
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