There are a variety of reasons for or causes of hair loss. Around two-thirds of the male population, and 8% of women, suffer from some kind of baldness ( It truly is no wonder then that there are numerous bogus treatments available, all advocating a ‘miracle solution’. Luckily, there is a brand that has undergone considerable scientific testing, and has been proven to effectively treat, and in some cases, prevent, various forms of hair loss.

Effectiveness of Thymuskin

Thymuskin has been successfully used to fight hair loss and enhance hair growth for over 30 years. Suitable for both men and women, Thymuskin contains the biologically active GKL-02 ingredient complex of peptides and proteins which strengthens hair roots and infuses key nutrients into the hair and hair follicle. In this way, the products help to reinforce hair and facilitate improved scalp coverage. The brand offers a variety of product strengths and combinations, so that it can effectively address different types of hair and various hair loss conditions. Choosing the correct product mix for your hair type and concern is essential to ensuring that your regimen is a success.

The Classic Range

The most widely used Thymuskin products are the Classic Range, which is comprised of a shampoo and a serum. This shampoo and serum are applicable for universal use i.e. for all stages of hair loss and all kinds of hair.  Like all Thymuskin products, the Classic Range is free of any silicones, parabens or bovine ingredients, resulting in no harmful side effects and it being suitable for daily use. The key ingredient- GKL-02 complex- is a biologically active complex of peptides and proteins, which infuses vital nutrients into the hair follicle, strengthening the hair root. Thymuskin thus increases the vitality of the hair follicle cells and can reduce, sometimes even stop, the dying off process of these cells. This is where Thymuskin can sometimes be used as a preventative measure against future hair loss.

The Classic Range includes the optimal dosage of the GKL-02 active ingredient and is applied to the scalp by the cleansing shampoo, as well as the treatment by the scalp serum. By improving the supply of nutrients to the cells of the hair root (follicle) during the growth phase, the hair follicle remains intact, is reactivated and prolongs the growth phase.  In this way, Thymuskin has been known to sometimes reactivate hair growth in bald patches which have existed for up to three years!

Use sparingly but more frequently

As with most Thymuskin products, the Classic Shampoo should be used sparingly but more frequently. Using it is easy – just wash your hair with the shampoo and leave it in your hair for a short while before rinsing. After drying your hair with a towel, part your hair and massage the serum into your scalp with your fingertips, slowly working through the whole scalp. The serum is then left on the scalp and not rinsed off, thereby continuing its effective work in strengthening the immune defense and regeneration of the hair follicles.

As always, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor regarding the correct combination of Thymuskin products for your unique type of hair and/or concern.  Whether or not you suffer from hair loss, boosting your hair health and vitality is easy with the Thymuskin Product range of shampoos and serums.

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