Microdacyn60® Wound Care

Changing lives for the better, the restorative power of Microdacyn60® helps wounds heal, diminishes discomfort, and provides relief by alleviating itches and pain that countless patients have been longing for.

Microdacyn60® is a pH neutral, super oxidised solution for the first line treatment of acute and chronic wounds. Each product within the line contains patented Microcyn technology, ideal for wound care management and infection control. The triple mode of action icludes an anti microbial effect, inflammatory control and healing promotion. 

Microdacyn60® Overview – It’s the synergy of these mechanisms that make the difference – Naturally. 

Antimicrobial Effect: Microdacyn contains super-oxidized species, like the ones produced by our bodies own immune system, including neutrophils. These reactive oxygen species (ROS) physically rupture pathogenic cells using osmotic shock, a combination of high oxidative reductive potential (ORP) and hypotonicity.

This mechanism is extremely efficient and is proven effective over a broad range of Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Fungi & Biofilms.

Inflammatory Control: Microdacyn reduces inflammation and inflammatory symptoms.

Reactive oxygen species are known to assist in reducing inflammation.

Healing Promotion: Applying Microdacyn to wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers & venous leg ulcers, has demonstrated an increase in transcutaneous oxygen pressure (tcpO2). 

This local increase in pressure can be sustained for up to 72 hours after a single application, providing greater oxygen to the wound, aiding the body in its natural healing process.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties,​ killing organisms in as little as 30 seconds.​

• Safe to use on a variety of mucosa.​

• pH neutral, non-irritating and non-toxic.​

• Can be used up to 60 days after opening.​

• Can be used daily.​

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Product Reviews

Dog bite incident.

"I was concerned at first to remove the plasters and spray a product that looked like water. So I wore my MTB glove and sprayed frequently. The next morning, that's 18 hours later, when I woke up the healing process was simply astonishing" - Mr James Moodi.

My 5 year old little girl spilled boiling water on her arm. We struggled to find a treatment solution that would not stick to the wound and cause my daughter more trauma. A Microdacyn Representative assisted by cleaning and dressing the wound with Microdacyn60®️. Four days after visiting casualty we unveiled a beautiful result. I do believe Microdacyn60®️ helped the turnaround of her wound.