Continence Care (Coloplast)

Most people are not aware how widespread intimate healthcare conditions really are. Nor how serious their implications can be for the people who live with them. These figures suggest the scale of the challenge. With our products and services, we want to make a real difference to the quality of life of the thousands of people they represent.​

Coloplast leads the market within intimate health-care. But healthcare is changing -and intimate healthcare conditions continue to cause distress for millions of people worldwide. Coloplast’s mission is to make life easier for people living with intimate healthcare needs.​

Our Medical Sales team is blessed to work with many leading Surgeons including Urologists. Our Main focus is the support of the Urologist in the operating Room with disposable products for procedures eg: Kidney Stone extraction, Prostate Surgery etc. Within the range of product offering to the specialist Urologist, we are able to offer the best quality products directly to the public.
Many people have the need for Cathetisation in their homes and this is where we can offer high quality products.

The scale of the Challenge

Facts from the field

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