Frequently Asked Questions

ZO Skin

How do I purchase ZO® products?

ZO® products are sold only through a authorised stockists. The only legitimate online retailer is ZO Skin Health international in the USA. If you find ZO products for sale on other online platforms, be careful as they may not be genuine.

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What will be the best ZO® regimen for my skin?

Without a thorough skin assessment as well as your general health, lifestyle and needs, it would be difficult to determine what skin care regimen and what skin care products would be best suited to your skin. We recommend having a skin assessment done with one of the accredited stockists who can give you the best advice for your individual skin needs. (Link to find a stockist)

I am getting a reaction from using ZO products!

Don’t panic. Some reactions to ingredients (such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinol) are because of tolerance rather than allergy and go away as your skin builds tolerance. You can reduce the amount of product or the frequency of use or alternatively add a calming product to your regimen until your skin builds enough tolerance. Talk to your skin care specialist if you experience excessive burning, dryness, or irritation.

Why can’t I purchase ZO® Skin Health online?

ZO® Skin Health believes that you don’t just get healthy skin, it’s a journey that you need to commit to and as you progress through that journey the needs of your skin may change – and on any journey it is better not to go it alone.

It is important that you have a professional assess and make recommendations for your specific skin type, concerns and condition and to manage your skin regimen to keep your skin functioning optimally. Having one place, with a full background on your skin care journey, is highly beneficial to your skin and improving your outcomes. As such, it is essential to go to an accredited, trained stockist to purchase your ZO® Skin Health products.

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Does Thymuskin work better for men or for women?

There are no gender-specific differences in the effect of Thymuskin. However, women usually do better in our tests. But this is due to the fact that women generally use Thymuskin products more regularly and more consistently than men. Otherwise there are no differences in terms of effectiveness°*.

Can I combine Thymuskin with other substances to treat thin hair problems?

Generally there are no objections to such a combination and it is ultimately a question of your wallet. However we would advise you to leave a sufficient interval of time between the different applications. In addition, other substances are often associated with side effects, which is not the case with Thymuskin°*. To prevent these too, we recommend to have a safety time between applications of at least 8-10 hours. However, you are unlikely to be able to stop your thin hair problems quickly with a combination of this kind, because the natural hair cycle cannot be overridden, and patience and consistency are definitely necessary°*.

I have been suffering from thin hair for some time, and my scalp is itchy and flaky. Can I still use Thymuskin?

You are possibly suffering from eczema of the scalp, which definitely needs to be treated before you use Thymuskin. We recommend you to find a dermatologist to clarify this beforehand. Once the eczema has been treated there is no reason why you should not successfully use Thymuskin°*.

Why are there so many different Thymuskin products and how do I find my way around them?

Thymuskin is the only product in the world which takes account not only of the different degrees of thin hair, but also the individual condition of the hair and scalp, because everyone is different. The Thymuskin product finder will give you help and guidance on finding the right Thymuskin product combination. You find the product finder on our website.

I have just been on a diet and lost some weight, but I problems with thin hair. What can I do?

Thymuskin can help very well here. As a result of your diet your entire organism has become confused, and unfortunately the roots of your hair are suffering from this too. In order to reinforce the hair follicles again and improve scalp coverage, you should use Thymuskin MED or FORTE shampoo every day in combination with the Thymuskin scalp serum°*.

Can Thymuskin Serum for the scalp also be used on dry hair?

Thymuskin Scalp Serum treatment can also be used very effectively on dry hair: to do so, part the hair carefully, apply Thymuskin Scalp Serum directly to the scalp and massage in carefully°*. None of the Thymuskin Scalp Serums (Gel) leave a greasy film. However, it is important always to apply Thymuskin Scalp Serums directly onto the scalp and NOT onto the hair!

Can I blow dry my hair after using Thymuskin Serum for the scalp?

You should refrain from using your hairdryer immediately after applying Thymuskin Serum. If the hot air from the dryer reaches your scalp, it will cause your scalp to sweat, and valuable ingredients and active substances in Thymuskin could be lost. If you cannot manage without your hair dryer, please wait for at least 10 minutes and dry your hair with air that is as cold as possible, or ensure that the warm air from the dryer does not directly reach the scalp.

You recommend washing your hair every time before using Thymuskin Scalp Serum. But then I am afraid that I will lose hair while washing my hair. Can I wash my hair less often, too?

Washing your hair does not cause any increase falling. In principle it is possible to wash your hair only 2-3 times a week and use Thymuskin Scalp Serum every day. On the days when you do not wash your hair, please be careful not to use any styling products which might build up on your hair to avoid massaging these into your scalp

Ideally at what time of day should I use the Thymuskin products?

There are no strict rules here. You can entirely coordinate the use of Thymuskin with your usual habits: many people wash and style their hair in the morning, while other people prefer to do this in the evening.

I have only light problems with thin hair; is Thymuskin Shampoo sufficient here?

All the tests of Thymuskin have been carried out strictly with combined use of Thymuskin Shampoo and Scalp Serum treatment. But there are also users who report that single use of Thymuskin Shampoo is effective in treating light thin hair problems. In this case you should allow the Thymuskin Shampoo to work for a while. If there are no signs of improvement after around 4 weeks, you should use Thymuskin Scalp Serum in addition°*.

Can I have my hair highlighted despite using Thymuskin?

Yes, of course, that is not a problem at all. Just make sure you use high quality products or let your hairdresser advise you.

Why do you need to wash your hair beforehand with Thymuskin Shampoo before applying the Thymuskin Scalp Serum?

Firstly because Thymuskin Shampoo prepares your scalp ideally for the Thymuskin Scalp Serum. And secondly washing your hair in advance is advisable because every day particles of dirt and dust are deposited on the scalp, which could possibly be massaged into the scalp together with the Thymuskin Scalp Serum and could lead to skin irritations. Foreign shampoos do not contain the active ingredient complex GKL-02. Furthermore, foreign shampoos often contain contraindicated ingredients, like e.g. silicons.

I have been using Thymuskin for some time, but because my hair is very fine I need a styling mousse and hairspray. Can I use both of these, too?

Yes, that is not a problem because they are finishing products which are used after the Thymuskin Scalp Serum has been applied. But please note that you should wash your hair every time before applying the Thymuskin Scalp Serum again. Since there can be residues of mousse and hairspray on your scalp, there is a risk of these being massaged into your scalp with the Thymuskin Scalp Serum, which can lead to skin irritations.

What can I do about dull and brittle hair?

We have obtained good results here with Thymuskin FORTE Shampoo; it contains twice the amount of active substances together with selected haircare ingredients to revitalise and regenerate the hair; Thymuskin FORTE Shampoo should be used every time you wash your hair and left to work for a while, then rinsed out with lukewarm water°*.

I do not have any hair loss, but over time my hair is getting constantly thinner. Can Thymuskin help me here?

Yes, Thymuskin can help to reinforce hair and to improve scalp coverage°*.

As a woman with thin, dry hair, I would like to have a perm. Will a perm damage my hair?

You should strictly only consider having a perm when your hair is healthy. If your hair is already damaged, a perm can only make this condition worse. You should therefore reinforce and care for your hair first. After a perm it is advisable to use a long-lasting conditioner such as Thymuskin Balsam Intensive Conditioner.

Is it true that egg white or beer is good for my hair?

If you have already tried beer as a rinse conditioner is well worth noting that egg white and beer only have a positive influence on the hair shaft by making hair that has already been washed silkier and improving its shine. Neither have hardly any other effect. The time and effort involved are also great (stickiness and smell), so it is better to rely on normal commercial products and special care products as necessary.

Does colouring damage the hair?

Colouring does not damage hair in principle, but you should be aware that in any case it is a major invasion of the hair structure. When colouring your hair, the hair should be healthy, the preparations used should care for the hair as much as possible and colouring procedures should not be undertaken at in too many frequent intervals. If the selected shade is entirely different to the natural hair colour, only the roots should be retouched at frequent intervals. Coloured hair definitely needs intensive care. After colouring the hair a conditioner should be used, if possible Thymuskin Balsam Intensive Conditioner.


My product packaging looks different from the last time I ordered. Is it the same product?

Yes. As of February 2017, we updated the product cartons for our top products with a new look. However, only the outer carton has changed. Inside, you’re still getting the same great products and ingredients that you know and love.

We think the new design better reflects the purpose of our mission – to provide products that have multiple benefits – sun protection, skin care benefits, and correction. Plus, we think the new design just looks great, and we hope you do too.

What type of coverage does your natural finish pressed foundation provide?

Our natural finish pressed foundation provides a buildable medium to full coverage.

I'm a previous user of your pressed mineral foundation. What shade of your new natural finish pressed foundation should I use?

We spent countless hours reformulating our shades to create neutral shades that will be a fit for more skin tones while simplifying the choice down to fewer options so that you are more likely to get the right shade on the first try. One significant change is that all of our shades are now neutral, while our previous shades incorporated either cool or warm undertones.

If you already use our Tint du Soleil foundation or Brush-on Sunscreen, it’s easy to find your match, since you already know if you’re Light, Medium, Tan or Deep. If you’re new to Colorescience, first decide which of the four shades you fall under, and then read on.

Light will match with our Light Ivory shade. Deep will match with our Deep Mocha shade. Medium skin tones simply need to decide if they are on the lighter or darker side of medium: Medium Bisque is lighter; Medium Sand is darker. Tan skin tones also choose between two shades: Tan Natural as a lighter tan, and Tan Golden as a darker shade of tan. Since all shades are neutral, they blend seamlessly into the skin, matching a wide range of skin tones.

Previous Shade New Shade
Light as a Feather Light Ivory
Pass the Butter Light Ivory
All Dolled Up Medium Bisque (lighter), Medium Sand (darker)
All Even Medium Bisque (lighter), Medium Sand (darker)
California Girl Medium Bisque (lighter), Medium Sand (darker)
Second Skin Medium Bisque (lighter), Medium Sand (darker)
Girl from Ipanema Tan Natural (lighter), Tan Golden (darker)
Not Too Deep Tan Natural (lighter), Tan Golden (darker)
Taste of Honey Tan Natural (lighter), Tan Golden (darker)
Toast of the Town Deep Mocha
Rich Mocha Deep Mocha

My self-dispensing brush doesn't work

Rub across knuckles lightly in circular motion 2-3 minutes until you notice powder flowing evenly, now brush is primed. Clean with rubbing alcohol on paper towel and lightly go through brush bristles weekly.

Why are the expiration dates on only some Colorescience products?

The FDA has established requirements for all over-the-counter drug products (sunscreens) to go through stability testing to assure products are stable and have appropriate expiry dating. All products with less than 3 years real time stability testing must include an expiry date on their packaging per federal regulations. After the product passes 3-year real time stability testing then a company has the choice to no longer include an expiry date as the testing supports stability for at least 3 years.

Some Colorescience® products are currently in stability testing and therefore are still required to have an expiry date until the 3-year mark is surpassed and products pass all stability requirements. Current products listing expiry date:

Skin Mattifying Primer SPF 20
Even Up™ Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF 50
Natural Finish Pressed Foundation SPF 20

Are Colorescience products certified as gluten-free?

None of our products are certified as gluten-free as no testing has been done on any finished product. That claim is usually reserved for food products. All of our raw materials are sourced as gluten free but we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination with gluten ingredients in the production and transportation process.

Does Colorescience contain Parabens?

Colorescience does not use paraben preservative systems. We do, however, use some raw material blends which contain parabens. These incidental parabens are included at a very low use levels relative to what is allowed globally.

What sets Colorescience apart from other mineral makeup?

Colorescience only uses the highest proprietary blend of minerals and no fragrances, no mineral oil, alcohol or talc and have sunscreen in most of our product line.

Does Colorescience do animal testing?

Colorescience itself does not conduct any animal testing.

Is Colorescience sunscreen safe?

The concern with “powder” sunscreens has been the very small particle sizes used in some powder sunscreen formulations. The particle size that has risen concerns range in size from 1 and 100 nanometers. Colorescience can confirm that all of our Mineral Sunscreens have been tested and do not fall into the above mentioned small particle size.

Why were some of your product refills discontinued?

The decision to discontinue the Sunforgettable refills was made primarily with our customers’ skin health in mind. Our Quality Control along with R&D teams were finding that the brush will tend to become slightly clogged little by little after being used over an extended period of time (even when cleaned regularly). When this happens, the customer does not get an ample amount of powder dispensing from the brush, causing them to not be fully protected.

In regards to the pressed foundation compact refills the decision to not offer this item moving forward was made because we found looking at the sales volume that most customers preferred a new compact each time.

Where can I get a colour match and purchase Colorescience?

We have a number of stockist around the country selling various products from the Colorescience range. Click here to FIND A STOCKIST.

We also carefully select the partners that we authorize to sell our products to ensure that you always receive a safe and consistent experience with Colorescience products. Below are the sellers that we have authorized to sell online:

We are aware of unauthorized sellers that sell our products through their own websites or via other large websites, such as Please note that in most situations involving a large, reputable online retailer, our products are actually being sold by a third-party reseller, not unlike a seller on eBay (for example, an independent seller that is selling on, but not directly affiliated with Walmart).

We’re unable to verify the authenticity, ingredients, or safety of products purchased through these unauthorized sellers, and we cannot confirm that the products they are selling were manufactured by Colorescience. In some cases, the products may be original Colorescience products, but outdated, expired, defective, or manufactured/packaged for other markets. If you choose to purchase from one of these resellers, please be aware that you do so at your own risk, and we’re not able to stand behind (or verify the authenticity of) those products.