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Millions of men and women worldwide are affected by alopecia, what most of us know as hair loss. In many cases, it causes extreme anguish and negatively affects the overall psychological wellbeing of the affected person. Luckily, with today’s advancements in hair loss treatments, people are more aware of the various types of hair loss and thus more knowledgeable on the right kinds of treatment. One of these treatments is the Thymuskin® range of hair products, scientifically formulated to effectively treat various forms of alopecia.

Alopecia and its causes

But firstly, what is alopecia and what causes it? Hair loss has different causes, and by implication, different treatment methods. Sometimes it is hereditary, where inherited hypersensitivity to androgens causes the hair follicles to degenerate progressively.  Other causes include stress or psychological pressure, as well as vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or severe operations. All of these could result in a premature transgression of hair from the growth phase (Anagen) to the hair loss phase (Telogen), causing severe hair loss on the entire head. The consistent wearing of braids and hair extensions have also been known to cause damage to the hair follicles and thus lead to hair loss.

Circular hair loss, or alopecia areata, is the onset of distinct, progressive bald spots that can spread over the entire head. While the causes of such hair loss still remains unclear, there is a general assumption that this type of hair loss is as a result of an auto-immune reaction. Another common cause of hair loss is due to a person’s reaction to chemotherapy treatment, which inhibits cell growth and thus affects the activity of hair follicles.

The benefits of Thymuskin

Thymuskin® offers a wide variety of products that can be combined to address any of these forms of alopecia. All the products contain the thymus peptide complex, GKL-02, which inhibits the different enzymes responsible for hair loss. This active ingredient is known to have regenerating and strengthening effects on hair follicles, specifically helping to anchor the hair shafts into the skin. Thymuskin products come in three different lines, namely Forte, Med and Classic,. Each line consists of a shampoo and serum, therefore you can mix and match products from the different lines, according to your hair concern and type. In order to ensure successful treatment results, it is vital that you consult a doctor to correctly diagnose your specific type of hair loss and thus choose the correct product mix for your hair. 

Specific treatment for specific alopecia

Thymuskin’s Forte range is specifically formulated for strong hair loss and for damaged hair, as in the case of chemotherapy, while the Classic line is better for fine, normal to greasy hair and facilitates hair regrowth in cases of diffuse or hereditary hair loss. The Med range is ideal for sensitive, dry or long hair and assists in cases of strong hair loss.

Thymuskin® has been effectively treating hair loss and enhancing new hair growth for over 30 years and with this pedigree, whatever the hair loss concern, you are safe in the knowledge that Thymuskin® offers an effective and individual solution to alopecia treatment. 

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