Hair loss from chemotherapy remains on one of the most physically and psychologically distressing side effects of cancer drugs and radiation. The baldness that results from chemotherapy and radiation, known as Alopecia Medicamentosa, is utterly devastating to the psyche of cancer patients, whether male or female. Most oncologists are not overly concerned about their patients’ hair since the hair loss is generally transient and not life-threatening. However, hair loss among cancer patients could cause significant psychological effects, which could suppress their immune systems as much as anticancer drugs and radiation. Luckily, cancer patients have access to Thymuskin, a unique range of hair products that have been developed specifically to address and assist with this very concern.

How Thymuskin helps

Cytostatics, drugs administered in chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells, result in hair loss. Hair usually begins to fall out about three to five weeks after the first chemo treatment, however, the hair loss is usually reversible. Thymuskin contains biologically active GKL-02 (Thymus Peptide) which is a complex of peptides and proteins that strengthens hair roots, infusing vital nutrients into the hair and hair follicle. This ingredient inhibits various enzymes that play a key role in the cause of hair loss, and thus reduces the dying hair follicles. The primary Thymuskin product is the serums, however, its effectiveness is supported through the use of the relevant shampoo which cleans and prepares the scalp for the serum application. 

This effective range of hair products was originally developed in Germany over 30 years ago, exclusively for cancer patients suffering with hair loss from chemotherapy. Today, it remains an effective supplement to support hair strengthening and growth for cancer patients.

Thymuskin Forte Shampoo and Serum

While the Thymuskin range contains various products to address different types of hair and levels of hair loss, Thymuskin Forte has been recommended for use against strong hair loss, as in the case of chemotherapy patients. This range offers a treatment regime that can be used prior to, throughout and after chemotherapy treatment. The patient should start to use the Thymuskin Forte Shampoo approximately four weeks before the they begin chemotherapy, together with the Thymuskin Forte Serum applied once a day. During chemotherapy, it is advised to use the Serum twice daily with the shampoo application according to the standard recommendation of at least two to three times per week. Following chemotherapy, the serum is used twice daily for eight weeks afterwhich once daily will suffice, with the shampoo being used as usual. Naturally, stronger cases of chemotherapy will inevitably cause hair loss.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Studies and scientific investigations performed on more than 1,000 men and women at dermatology and university clinics in Germany and internationally, have verified the effectiveness of Thymuskin on all forms of hair loss. Its success rate for most forms of hair loss averages well over 90%, with no side effects involved even with long-term use. This is surely some peace of mind for cancer patients, and in support of their overall treatment programmes.

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